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Novecento Key Biscayne



About Us

Novecento takes the old mantra ''mi casa es su casa'' (my home is your home) to another level. It is the best option for those looking for the casual elegant European style bistro, with Latin American influences and wonderful service in a seductive environment.

In its own special way, Novecento combines the spirit of two sister cities ; Buenos Aires and New York. Novecento also pays homage to the nostalgia of the turn of the nineteenth century when migration from the old world changed the face and added depth to the fabric of city life. Novecento salutes the immigrant experience, the art of memory and the nostalgia for home which has fueled our cities. Novecento is a bustling haven where all cultures thrive and grow through and with each other. So what is Novecento ? It is not just about Buenos Aires or New York City, or the past or the now. Novecento is about migration, the immigrant tenacity and spirit, the immigrants hope of the future tethered with the nostalgia and love of the past and distant homelands. Novecento is a migrant son's love letter, a gift of memory of his motherland, a salute, a gesture of warm food and welcome to the new city which has in turn embraced him.

Walk into Novecento, enjoy a frothy rich espresso with fresh-baked croissants at the start of the day. Read the newspaper? For lunch enjoy a fresh green salad with slivers of marinated steak while watching at a fútbol match in an exhilaratingly care-free atmosphere. At night the libations flow, enjoy classic hearty fare, and then dance to the bossa-tango of a live DJ.


  • Agentinean cuisine with mediterranean influence.
  • Weekend Brunch Sat & Sun 8am - 2pm
  • Wine Tuesdays (50% off wines)
  • View our menu


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Flan Mixto
Creme Brulee
Dark Chocolate Bomb!
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Gallery Image IMG_0731.JPG
Salmón a la Parrilla
Grill Jumbo Shrimps
Gallery Image IMG_0786.JPG
Hamburguesa Novecento
Entraña con Chimichurri
Gallery Image IMG_0817.JPG
Ravioles de Calabaza & Queso Fontina
Gallery Image IMG_0879.JPG
Sandwich De Milanesa
Bife De Chorizo
Milanga Novecento
Gallery Image IMG_0909.JPG
Sopa de lentejas
Gallery Image IMG_0760.JPG
Gallery Image IMG_0858.JPG
Gallery Image IMG_0845.JPG
Gallery Image IMG_0936.JPG
Novecento Banana Split
Gallery Image IMG_0971.JPG
Jumbo Shrimp Cocktail
Gallery Image IMG_0644_2.JPG
Gallery Image IMG_0654.JPG
Gallery Image IMG_0678.JPG
Gallery Image IMG_0952.JPG
Gallery Image IMG_1001.JPG
Pollo al Curry
Sea Bass al Sartén
Atún  al Sartén
Camarones Enchilados
Gallery Image IMG_5340.JPG
Croquetas de Manchego & Prosciutto
Tostadas de Atún
Mollejitas Doradas
Tostadas de Pulpo
Spaghetti Clams, Bagna cauda butter.
Branzino con Vegetales
Hamburguesitas de Kobe
Classic Mojito
British Dandy
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Gallery Image IMG_6648.JPG
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Gallery Image 10330298_777399535645230_7295806097863167972_n.jpg
Gallery Image 10502106_774618282590022_7061661295308159959_n.jpg
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Rep/Contact Info

Javier Cividini

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