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Miami Seaquarium



About Us

Miami Seaquarium is a South Florida attraction like no other. Home of Lolita, the Killer Whale, TV superstar Flipper and Salty the Sea Lion. It's a world-class marine-life entertainment park with eight different marine animal shows and presentations offered daily. It's a place of inspiration, education and fun!

Miami Seaquarium offers you a unique opportunity to interact with dolphins! The Dolphin Odyssey program includes a deep-water interaction with a dolphin, including a ride with the dolphin across the pool. The Dolphin Encounter, great for families, is a shallow water program where the participants try their hands at training a dolphin. Both programs are offered daily and feature 30 minutes in the water as well as an in-classroom educational presentation and admission to Miami Seaquarium. . Call 305-365-2501 for rates and reservations.

Sea Trek Reef Encounter is an underwater walking journey through our 300,000 gallon tropical reef. While wearing a state-of-the-art dive helmet that allows you to breathe freely, you'll feel right at home under the sea. During your 20 minute journey, you'll encounter tropical fish, sting rays and a variety of unique sea creatures. No need for SCUBA or snorkel experience; if you can walk and breathe air you can enjoy the Sea Trek Reef Encounter! Call 305-365-2501 for rates and reservations.


Lolita the Killer Whale--Miami's Biggest Star
Daily Shows with Salty the Sea Lion, Dolphins and a Killer Whale
Get up-close with a dolphin at Dolphin Harbor
A Dolphin Encounter is fun for the whole family!
Explore a tropical reef in the Sea Trek Reef Encounter

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